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Metal shelving Alfa series
Shelving suitable for storing middle-light products in warehouse and archives. The shelf is fastened on the side by means of hooks. Equipped with many optionals: chests of drawers, containers and partitions.

Metal shelving beta series
Shelving made of cold galvanised sheet metal. They are used to solve the problems connected with light storage and in order to build loft structures. The main characteristics of the line BETA are: quick assembling, stability, capacity. The different parts are jointed, and a wide range of optionals allows to find the right solution for any exigencies. The parts are delivered disassembled. Shelving line BETA is proposed in two versions: BETA 1 and BETA 2 with different loading capacities and thus with a wider range of choice in order to satisfy all various requests. Follow security rules for assembling.

Metal shelving Gamma series
GAMMA shelving is a structural jointing system, indicated for pallet storing, and offers a wide variety of components. It is composed by main parts and accessories. Sides are assembled with specific bolts; the profile has buttonholes with distance of 75mm height. Bars are of boxed sheet, of various sections and capacities, and offer specific solutions to various requests. Galvanised shelves and various fittings complete the offer for solutions for storing different kind of materials.

Security rules: The capacities are given for uniformly distributed charges in maximal stress condition. Labels indicating the maximal charge for each shelf and for each side must be placed in the right point. After assembling the shelving must be aligned in the sense of its depth and of its length. Before assembling, check the right resistance of the floor. Design and assembling must be done by specialized staff, respecting safety rules and paying the utmost attention in ensuring the anti-unhooking mechanisms. MG srl is not responsible for any damage or incident occurred because of not proper use or assembling of shelving and accessories.

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