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FOR furnishing, storing, organizing, AND putting order INTO the most diversified kinds OF workplaces, offices, AND academic environments, MG offers a vast range OF products AND solutions, BOTH modular AND integrated, which are capable OF satisfying every kind OF demand, FROM simple hobbies TO the most professional AND sophisticated kind OF requirement. TO cover the great variety OF market demands, MG has created three dedicated product lines, all OF which ARE characterized by a rich array OF articles AND solutions that can satisfy every kind OF need:

LINEA TOP: FOR a highly professional clientele

LINEA MIDI: FOR situations requiring quality AND versatility

LINEA BASIC: practical products that focus ON low-cost solutions

The main AND essential element highlighting the differences BETWEEN the three product lines IS the metal drawer, which comes IN a wide variety OF types, sizes, AND functions.
Every line proposes a different kind OF drawer, WITH different constructive characteristics, functions, AND design.
An integrated modular system has been developed around the drawer, highlighting the NUMBER OF possible uses AND underlining its potentiality.
This system finds its fullest expression IN closets WITH drawers, shelving, workbenches, AND closets.
The modularity OF the system IS also capable OF satisfying AND skillfully resolving the most diversified kind OF requirements TO be FOUND IN modern workplaces AND research-related environments.

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